5 outstanding advantages of Premium DNS

For domains to be accessible on the Internet, DNS infrastructure is an unskippable step. You can get a free DNS service, you can assemble your own, or you can hire a Premium DNS.

If you are a network administrator or online business owner, you know the gold value of speed, redundancy, security, and uptime. Well, they can be hard-to-reach goals, or not, based on the reliability and possibilities your DNS infrastructure offers. Premium DNS supplies really outstanding advantages. Let’s check them out! 

Outstanding Premium DNS service plans!

1. Powerful infrastructure means high performance for your domain.

Premium DNS providers offer large networks with multiple DNS servers distributed in different geographical points. This is good news for you! All the clients’ requests for reaching your website, no matter the place in the globe they come from, will be efficiently handled by this service.

To have multiple servers at your service provide reliability, superior features and will positively impact the speed (DNS resolution, loading time, etc.), availability, security, and the users’ experience on your domain.

2. It takes security to the following level, fortifying your domain.

Quality Premium DNS services supply a wide menu of security features and a solid base for you to deploy a powerful and efficient security strategy. Permanent monitoring, data integrity protection and authentication, DNSSEC support, cryptographic technology, defenses against the threatening DDoS attacks, multilayer security for all servers on the network, etc.

3. Scalability up or down, based on your real needs!

You can plan and forecast, but still, online businesses can surprise you. Your traffic can grow massively due to a successful promotion or marketing campaign. So you have to be ready to handle thousands or millions of DNS requests. Otherwise, they can overwhelm your system. On the other hand, results can go wrong, slower, or lower than you expected. If you prepared in advance by adding new servers to handle high traffic, the cost could harm your budget. You can be ready for both scenarios, without worries, by getting a Premium DNS. Scalability follows a flexible scheme. You can add or remove features as you need them! 

4. It provides the dreamed 100% uptime! 

That Premium DNS networks provide multiple points of presence (PoP) located globally! Basically, there’s no single point of failure. If a server goes down due to maintenance, technical issues, or a cyber-attack, you have redundancy enough not to be worried about being unreachable for your clients. There will always be a server that can respond to their requests. If it’s not the closest to them, it will be the second closest, and so on.

Besides, some providers also have their own flood protection, fault lines, and power grids for the service not to be disrupted. Thanks to all of this, quality services can formally guarantee 100% uptime in the SLA (service level agreement). If something goes wrong, the provider refunds for the total downtime your business suffers in a year.

5. It has a price-performance ratio.

Calculate the cost of building such a robust network by yourself. The investment servers require not only the hardware but software, maintenance, etc. 

When you hire Premium DNS, you agree to pay a fee (monthly, yearly) to have access to modern infrastructure, a team of experts to troubleshoot, and features on-demand. 

4 great Premium DNS hosting providers


These 5 outstanding advantages of Premium DNS should be enough for you to pick the best for your business domain. Compare providers, plans, and costs. To experience these advantages will be so much exciting than just reading about them.

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