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We are all forwarding emails at the office. For example, you need to pass some documents to the accounting departments or share information from a client with your colleagues. But in some cases, you want to forward all the emails that go to a particular email inbox automatically without moving a finger. So then you need to use email forwarding. 

What is email forwarding? 

Email forwarding is a process of automatic email redirecting (forwarding) from one email address to another that is made on a domain level. 

To start using email forwards, you need to have an MX record. The MX record will indicate which email server should receive emails for the specified domain. Without it, you can’t receive emails. 

After the creation of that DNS record, you need to open the MX record and add a forward. After that, you only need to specify from which email to which email the incoming emails must be redirected. 

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For domains to be accessible on the Internet, DNS infrastructure is an unskippable step. You can get a free DNS service, you can assemble your own, or you can hire a Premium DNS.

If you are a network administrator or online business owner, you know the gold value of speed, redundancy, security, and uptime. Well, they can be hard-to-reach goals, or not, based on the reliability and possibilities your DNS infrastructure offers. Premium DNS supplies really outstanding advantages. Let’s check them out! 

Outstanding Premium DNS service plans!

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