​Managed DNS – great decision for network administrators

We all know how important DNS is. Without it, there is literally no Internet! But should you do something more than the bare minimum? The short answer is yes! You should boost your domain resolution with a Managed DNS service!

​What is Managed DNS?

A Managed DNS service is a SaaS (software as a service) cloud solution that offers you the opportunity to manage your domains/hostnames (through DNS zones and DNS records) and host DNS records inside their servers. You will get a plan that has a decent number of queries per month, a total number of records and zones, and advanced features for a monthly fee (subscription).

The “Managed” means that the provider will administrate the infrastructure and the software. So you will only take care of managing your DNS zones.

​Own DNS vs Managed DNS provider’s


Of course, you can manage your own DNS infrastructure. You can have it as your company’s headquarter, or you can build it on a cloud provider (IaaS or PaaS). But this will take you a lot of money, time, and effort. Not only that, but also you will need to manage all of these servers by maintaining them and keeping them up to date.


When we think about all of the costs of building your own DNS infrastructure, the Managed DNS providers easily win. There are even free DNS Managed services that can serve well enough for small companies in many cases. If you need more resources, there are many providers with plans starting from $5 a month. For such a minimum investment, you already have a working SaaS that you can start using today. For that price, you can’t rent even a single VPS.


You won’t need to think about firewalls, updates, patches. You will have the latest software, advanced features like DNSSEC, and DDoS protection in many cases. The provider will be in charge, so your job will be easier.


Managed DNS plans offer many servers that you can use. In addition, there are technologies like Anycast (same IP address, many servers) and GeoDNS (providing IP, based on DNS client’s IP address) that will significantly boost the speed and performance.


Having multiple servers, a load balancing mechanism, traffic monitor, and failover will automate the administration process in case of the server’s failure. If one server is down, the whole process of the DNS resolution will continue without any struggle. The DNS monitor will show you a notification, and the set behavior can activate, redirecting the traffic to another of the servers. When the server that was down, gets online again, the automatic trigger can integrate it again into the DNS network.

Monitoring service – Definition and Benefits


If you already have knowledge about how to manage a domain, you will be good to go. Most of the Managed DNS providers offer an easy-to-use control panel that has a clear interface and won’t surprise you with anything. You will start creating DNS zones, adding DNS records, and enabling the advanced features. No worries about any hardware whatsoever.

​Customer services

If you are a network administrator, everybody at your office expects that you know everything already. You won’t be able to ask for help. When your company starts using a paid service, the provider will offer you help every time you need it. No need to spend many hours on forums, searching for the answer.


The Managed DNS service is a very cost-effective way to improve DNS performance. Try it out.

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